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About Us

melodia musik

The History

Melodia was founded and started in early 80's by the late Sorento Winarto in Surabaya.Starting as a small retail store & music school, it has expanded into 5 branches in Surabaya.In 2001, we opened up an office in Jakarta and the never-ending progress & development has started from then on.

A bit About Us & The Future

Melodia carries a growing list of brands and we constantly think of new ways of growing, expanding & moving forward.There are lots of people, many top artists & customers think and associate Melodia with cool, unique and hi-end brands or THE custom order specialist.It's not wrong but it's only a small side & the essence of Melodia has never changed since the 1st day that small store in Surabaya opened in the 80s.It has never been about the brands (although we pledge to our suppliers & we give our 110% to grow the brands we have). It has never been aboutthe money & sales as the primary factors either.

melodia musikThe driving force boils down to our staffs, passion & attitude. We are just a bunch of young guys who just have this passion to sharewith you, our customers & friends, the knowledge & details about the instruments & we constantly & impatiently ask ourselves just like these 5 year old kids 'are we there yet?'. 'There' means the state of being the best we can be as individuals or as a company.These factors drive us to constantly innovate & upgrade ourselves.

You know these guys from certain ethnic groups.. wherever they live, they start opening carpet stores :) Melodia guys are just like those guys.If we ever landed on a remote island, we would immediately start opening music & audio store. We can't help it. It's just embedded in our DNA & it's just our destiny here.

So, re . the future, if you ask us, are we almost there yet?...

Nope.... not even close. So stick around & we'll rock together!!
Toko Alat Musik
Melodia Musik Indonesia
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.15B
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12240
Contact Us
Local (+62 21) 7278-7706/07
Fax (+62 21) 721-0517
Retail Store hours:
Monday-Friday: 11.00-19.00 WIB
Saturday: 11.00-17.00 WIB
Sunday Closed